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The Bavarian Bible Centre

Aims and Purpose

Legal Form 
The Bavarian Bible Centre (Bibelzentrum Bayern/BZB) is a public institution (AöR) which was founded in 1823 as “The Central Bible Association of the Protestant Church in Bavaria”. It is consequently the oldest independent Church institution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria (ELKB). 
Statutory Purpose and Aims 
The Bavarian Bible Centre exists to promote the dissemination and understanding of the Bible as both a cultural asset and Holy Scripture. Overall, this public institution works to ensure that the ‘Book of Books’ continues to be recognised as the foundation of our Christian culture, and that it remains a ‘living-book’, with relevance to people’s lives both today and in the future. 
A further goal is to uphold the Bavarian Bible Centre’s ability to promote the Bible in a contemporary, modern way. In collaboration with the German Bible Society and other regional Bible societies, the Bavarian Bible Centre aims to make people more aware of the Bible in their everyday lives. In addition, it should serve as a place where all the expertise necessary for dealing with the Bible can be bundled together. 
In order to carry out its purpose in a contemporary manner, one of the main tasks of the Bavarian Bible Centre from 2022 onwards is to operate the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM and its associated museum shop. It will also promote engagement with the Bible through contemporary projects and seminars in schools and communities. 
A Great Team 
In addition to the financial support from the ELKB and various sponsors, the Bavarian Bible Centre is also sustained through the tireless efforts of its many volunteers, by impulses and leadership sent out from the members of its Board of Directors, and by the work of the institution’s team of full-time staff.