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House and Visitor Rules for the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM  

Dear visitors, 
We look forward to welcoming you to the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM. The following house and visitor regulations are intended to make your visit to our museum as pleasant and safe as possible. They are also intended to protect both the building and the exhibits contained within it. 
1. The House and User Rules are binding for all visitors and staff of the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM. By entering the museum premises, you agree to accept these listed regulations as well as all other instructions given. The BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM also reserves the right to make special arrangements for justified reasons. We will inform you of these on our website and by means of notices in the museum and at the ticket office. 
These House and User Rules apply to general exhibition operations. In the case of special events, any instructions which deviate from these regulations may be made without the need for a special waiver of the House and User Rules. All provisions of the House and User Rules that are unaffected by the exceptional agreements shall remain valid. 
2. Anyone is permitted to visit the museum during opening hours. However, this does not apply to persons who are clearly intoxicated with alcohol or other substances. In the event of overcrowding or for other justified reasons, the museum may be closed to visitors in whole or in part. Unauthorised persons are not permitted in areas specially reserved for museum employees. 
3. The admission prices and opening hours of the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM are set by the museum management. Information on current pricing is available on our website, at the ticket office and on the notice boards in the museum. Admission to the exhibition is only permitted with a valid admission ticket. This ticket must be shown to the reception staff on request. The admission ticket is non-transferable. 
4. Behaviour/Liability: We are happy to enable as many visitors and groups as possible to visit the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM. However, this requires mutual consideration from all participants. Visitors must behave in such a way that ensures that 
no other persons are obstructed or harassed, 
the exhibition and its furnishings are not put at risk, damaged or destroyed, 
the security and free democratic basic order are not put at risk. 
It is not permitted to make telephone calls in the exhibition rooms. 
As a matter of principle, the touching of exhibition objects is only allowed where touching is expressly permitted. Any objects that could cause damage to the exhibits may not be handled in the immediate vicinity of the exhibits. Leaning against the display cases and walls is not permitted. Children may not be carried on backs or shoulders. 
Only pencils and crayons may be used in the exhibition rooms. Any borrowed media devices (e.g. audio guides) must be returned immediately after visiting the exhibitions. In particular, they must not be removed from the museum premises. 
In order to protect the exhibits and to be considerate to other visitors at our museum, visitors are not permitted to enter our exhibitions with larger objects of any kind. These include bulky or sharp-edged objects such as briefcases, photo cases, tripods, umbrellas etc., backpacks or bags (larger than DIN A 4), as well as jackets, coats and wet outerwear. It is also not permitted to wear or carry garments over the arm. Any necessary mobility aids may of course be taken into the exhibitions. Unfortunately, children’s clothes cannot be taken into the exhibitions. In case of doubt, the supervisory staff will make a decision on admission before the visitor enters the exhibition area. The BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM provides a cloakroom and lockers for the storage of the above-mentioned items. Items placed in the cloakroom must be collected from there on the same day before the museum closes. The lockers must be emptied by the above-mentioned time. The BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM reserves the right to clear lockers that have not been emptied after the museum has closed. Unclaimed items will be treated as lost property. Food will be immediately destroyed. The visitor is fully liable for any loss of locker keys. The locker will only be opened by the museum after the museum has closed. The lockers and the cloakroom area are not guarded. The BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM accepts no liability for items deposited in the cloakroom area, or for the loss of or damage to items deposited in the lockers, unless this is due to a grossly negligent breach of duty on the part of the museum or an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty on the part of a legal representative or vicarious agent of the museum. 
Visitors are liable for all damage caused by their behaviour within the framework of the statutory provisions. 
5. Supervisory requirements: Children under the age of fourteen and groups of young people may only enter the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM and the exhibition rooms if accompanied by one adult supervisor per group. The supervisors are responsible for the appropriate and considerate behaviour of the children and young people and they must accompany their children or group during the entire visiting time. They must also ensure compliance with these House and User Rules. The legal guardians or the supervising escorts shall be liable for any damage caused by unsupervised children or young people within the scope of the statutory provisions. 
6. Photography/Filming: Provided that the rights of third parties are not impaired and no interference is caused to the operation of the museum, photography is permitted in the exhibition rooms for private purposes. In particular, the personal rights of other visitors must be respected at all times. Visitors shall indemnify the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM against all claims by third parties that may arise from the violation of personal rights and/or copyrights. The use of flashes, tripods, laser pointers or selfie sticks is prohibited. The museum management may also issue general photography bans for exhibitions and exhibition rooms or individual objects. Photography for commercial, scientific or journalistic purposes is only permitted with the prior written consent of the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM. Filming is only permitted with the prior written consent of the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM. 
7. Animals may not be brought into the museum building. This does not apply to guide dogs or therapy dogs. These must, however, be kept on a leash. 
8. It is not permitted to consume food or beverages in the exhibition rooms or the foyer. Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in the entire interior of the museum building. 
9. For safety reasons, escape routes, passageways, stairways and emergency exits must always be kept clear. The marked escape routes must be used in case of danger. In the event of a fire alarm, all visitors must leave the building quickly. The instructions of the supervisory staff must be followed. The misuse of safety devices (e.g. emergency call button, escape door release, etc.) is strictly prohibited. In the event of a theft alarm, it is only possible to leave the building through the main exit. Our supervisory staff are authorised to carry out checks on visitors. 
10. The use of driving aids or vehicles such as roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, kickboards, scooters, electric scooters, bicycles, mobile tables or similar devices are not permitted on the museum grounds without the prior written permission of the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM. This does not apply if their use is necessary for medical reasons. 
Alcohol and drug consumption or overnight stays on the museum premises are prohibited. 
11. Guided tours through the museum are generally conducted by employees of the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM or by persons commissioned by the museum. Guided tours can only be conducted by appointment. Spontaneous tours are not possible.  
12. In general, it is not permitted to carry out any advertising activities in the museum, such as the distribution of flyers and handbills. Exceptions to this rule require prior written permission from the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM. 
13. Lost property: Please hand in any objects found in the museum to the reception staff or to the museum’s cash desk. 
14. The management, represented by the staff of the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM, exercises domiciliary rights. The supervisory staff is instructed to ensure that the House and User Rules are observed. Therefore, the instructions of the museum and supervisory staff must be followed at all times. In particularly dangerous situations, these instructions may also go beyond the behavioural instructions already specifically listed in these House and User Rules. In the event of violations of these House and User Rules, and disruptions of exhibition operations, the visitor’s further stay in the museum may be prohibited and the visitor may be asked to leave the museum immediately. In serious cases, this may lead to an immediate ban from the museum and expulsion. In this case, the admission fee will not be refunded.  
15. The House and User Rules shall come into force with immediate effect. They will be published on the homepage of the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM. 
We thank you for your understanding and wish you a pleasant, exciting and informative visit to the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM.