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Who are we? 
We are a small group who are currently in the process of founding an independent association to support the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM. 
Through this association, we want to back the BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM both ideally and materially. The association will only pursue charitable objectives. 
Why do we want to support the museum? 
The Bible is a book of faith with over a thousand years of history. 
The Bible is a book that’s had a lasting influence on our culture. 
The Bible is a book about life, with a lot of impulses for living in today’s world. 
The Bible is a book that can offer comfort in times of crisis. 
The BAVARIAN BIBLE MUSEUM has set itself the task of bringing these and many more multi-layered facets of the Bible closer to today’s visitors. We’d like to help fulfil this task. 
Would you also like to support the museum? 
Then become a founding member of our Friends association today, and play an active role in shaping the museum. Once our association has been founded, you’ll be able to benefit from a variety of offers and special events for members. 
The Foundation Process – Join Us! 
To become a founding member of our association, you’ll need to attend the foundation meeting. 
We’ve scheduled a further preparatory meeting to inform you about our plans so far. 
You’d like to become a member? 
Unfortunately, a ‘regular’ membership isn’t available yet, as the association is still in the process of being founded. But if you’re interested in either helping us with its foundation or in becoming a member once the foundation has taken place, please contact us directly or fill out our contact form:  


Have we awakened your interest?

Unfortunately, regular admission as a member is not yet possible, as the e.V. is currently in the process of being founded. If you are interested in helping with the foundation or becoming a member after the foundation, you are welcome to contact us directly or fill out the contact form:


Eckehard Roßberg

Telefon:    0151 15313931


Antonie Bassing-Kontopidis

Telefon:    0176/20220563


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